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After four months of acupuncture care, what I notice the most is PROGRESS!!!! I have a combination of bladder and pelvic floor spasms that started suddenly and were true quality of life concerns. My symptoms were taking over and I was losing control of my normal life. Luckily I have a great doctor who recommended Nicole to add acupuncture to my treatment plans. The first thing that I noticed was that I slept a little better on the days I had treatment. Now I have an increasing number of “better” days than when I started . I have so much more progress to make, but when I think back to my first visit, it is amazing how far we have come!

As soon as I met Nicole, I knew that she was going to be the one who would help the most. She is kind, caring, and willing to investigate your particular issue to create the best treatment plan. She also maintains an enthusiastic attitude about your body’s ability to heal. I tell everyone how am lucky I am to have great doctors, but Nicole is the best resource I have found in my process for my well-being. Her treatments have gone beyond traditional acupuncture. Nicole works on my whole body as well as making sure my mind can find calmness so the body can focus on healing. She continues to teach me more about my body at every visit. Nicole makes you feel safe, gives you hope and creates a healing journey for your whole body. I encourage anyone thinking about trying acupuncture to meet Nicole. She will change your body for the better!! She is THE BEST!!!
— M.K.S.


Interstitial cystitis (IC) is a tricky condition. It’s tough to diagnose because it has such a wide range of symptoms and severity. It is considered incurable and its causes are unknown. In my case, it was extremely painful and debilitating. Once I was correctly diagnosed with IC, I found a lack of promising treatment options being offered by conventional medicine. Out of desperation, I contacted Nicole and asked her if she knew of any successes treating IC with acupuncture. She said she did not, but that she would do some research and get back to me. Within a week she designed a treatment plan for me, and I started seeing her immediately. Within a few months my IC pain began to diminish. Gradually, over the course of the next few months of treatment, all of my IC pain disappeared, and I have been living with out any IC symptoms since. If you have IC, or know anyone who has IC, you will understand how grateful I am that Nicole was willing and able to treat me for this rare and difficult condition. Nicole is a gifted and resourceful healer—and a wonderful person. I wholeheartedly recommend her.


I have been seeing Nicole for acupuncture treatments over the course of several years now. She is absolutely a gifted, sensitive healer and practitioner with a great depth of knowledge. She is highly attuned to the needs of her patients. From my very first visit with Nicole, I felt safe, comfortable and well taken care of. She is gentle and insightful in her treatments and I feel like she really takes the time to consider the best overall approach for each given session. Every session is unique. For sure you will feel better and will have learned something new after an acupuncture session with Nicole! I highly, highly recommend her! She’s one of the best. If you live in or are visiting the DC metro area, Nicole is the one to go to! 
— C.L.


Working with Nicole has undoubtedly improved my quality of life. Nicole creates a very calming and relaxed space where you feel heard and know your privacy is valued. Her assistance has helped provide relief for the symptoms of TMJ (which had begun to impact my vision) and the overall stress and tension that causes those symptoms. When I experienced an asthma flare-up she provided recommendations for useful Qi Gong exercises, oils, as well as providing energy and acupuncture work to help me deal with it, which is the quickest I’ve ever been able to master asthma symptoms. The most dramatic difference however was the work that Nicole has done on my digestive tract. Worrying about my digestion was part of my daily life and now, with regular visits with Nicole, this part of my life feels entirely under control. I am unendingly grateful for the difference working with Nicole has made to my overall health and wellness.
— D.R.