My husband gave me a trial acupuncture session with Nicole as my birthday present. At the time my main concern was my hormones and my anxiety as I had a miscarriage earlier that year and thought I might try something different first before possibly turning to conventional medical screening and fertility medications. I became pregnant that same month when I had the first acupuncture treatment with Nicole and carried my baby to a full term!

I saw Nicole again after I developed a huge breast abscess while nursing, went through a course of aggressive antibiotics and had the abscess surgically aspirated several times. Nicole gave me follow-up acupuncture treatments specifically for my condition and prescribed Chinese herbal formula for elimination of breast abscess which was also a galactagogue. I continued my treatment and was able to breast feed my baby again!

I am truly impressed with Nicole’s holistic approach and techniques and would recommend her without reservation to women who have suffered the same issues.
— Tatiana M.