Tuina /twē-nah/ Massage before Acupuncture

Tuina /twē-nah/ Massage before Acupuncture


At some point each one of us will experience some form of physical pain. It is normal. However, when tension turns into muscular strain or pain, you can turn to preventative care to reduce or release a block naturally.

If you who are looking for an alternative to pain medications that has no negative side effects, acupuncture is a safe, non-invasive procedure that can help. It alleviates stress, anxiety, and physical pain, and is cost-effective in the long run.
Acupuncture improves circulation so that stagnant pain has the ability to move and clear from the body. Other acupuncture modalities such as cupping and guasha may also be incorporated into treatment to help break up hard muscle masses into soft pliable tissue. Once the pain is alleviated, most people who receive regular acupuncture care often express how much better they feel and how ready they are to get back into action. 


Nicole is hands down A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and I highly recommend her! She is equal parts acupuncturist, therapist, and general caregiver. She very quickly became my most trusted medical adviser because she is truly caring and honest. I came to Nicole with chronic back problems - which has never gotten any better after years of conventional medicine. Within a few visits, Nicole had put me on the path to recovery and was able to identify a number of factors that were likely causing the underlying pain. I wish I had gone to Nicole in the very beginning. If you are considering acupuncture, go see Nicole!
— Ely R.


I have chronic tendonitis in my wrists and by the time I got to DC, they were in the worst condition they had been in for several years. By the end of the first session, I felt like a new person. Beyond my wrists, Nicole always went out of her way to make sure that my whole body was doing well. The treatments themselves did a lot, but even just talking things through with Nicole was extremely helpful - she gives really good and thoughtful advice, and is just generally super nice! I can’t recommend her enough.
— Katie W.