What to Expect on Your First Visit

The first visit takes 90 minutes. This includes an intake related to your sleep, diet, and exercising routines, water intake, medications, supplements, surgeries, bodily functions and anything else that you may find relevant to treatment. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and be well hydrated. In the first visit you will received a health history intake, a diagnostic exam and an acupuncture treatment. Once your priorities are noted we will then measure and track your integrative goals towards a sense of wholeness to reach the state of consistently being healthy and happy. Depending on your condition you may wish to include herbs or essential oils to your treatment plan.

Will Acupuncture Help Me? 

Acupuncture is not for everyone. If you are sensitive to needles you may wish to received acu-essential oil care. This is when essential oil is applied to acupuncture points to treat the primary concern. If needles do not bother you or if you have experienced acupuncture before, you may wish to seek this type of preventative care.  

It is highly recommended that if you are new to acupuncture, to visit one or twice a week for a series of weeks in order to engage natural recovery. Generally after four to twelve visits treatments most patients notice a difference in their condition. Depending on your age, lifestyle and the quality of your Qi /ChÎ/, your treatments will vary. Attention to sleep, exercise, diet and work will also assist progress of treatment. Colleagues, friends and family members between the ages of seven and seventy may qualify to receive acupuncture treatment. 

How Often Should I Come? 

If you are new to acupuncture, a general guideline is one to two times per week for the first four to twelve weeks. Many patients begin acupuncture treatment to receive quick relief from physical pain and discomfort from major emotional experiences. Others may seek acupuncture as a preventative medicine to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.