How we rest often determines our ability to be proactive and flexible in future. If stress is burning you out, you are not alone. Strained work or personal relationships often lead to fatigue, anxiety, jaw pain, neck pain, digestive issues, and insomnia. Over a chronic period of time, six months or more, stress has the ability to create neurological damage. As we age, it is recommended to sleep at least eight hours per night and to take healthy breaks during the day.

Aromatherapy, with the application of essential oils on acupuncture points, is often paired with acupuncture used to repair and to restore the limbic system, which controls autonomic function in our breath and heart rhythm. Essential oil single oils and blends are incorporated to make a person feel deeply relaxed and more energized.


Introduced to the benefits of acupuncture treatment several years ago for pain management, I decided to try it again when experiencing increased levels of stress and anxiety in the form of brain fog, acid reflux and nausea. An Internet search for a local acupuncture practitioner lead me to Nicole’s website, and I was able to schedule an appointment the same day. Now a patient for over a year, I am continually grateful for finding Nicole. A skilled acupuncturist that is passionate about her work, I continue to experience physical and emotional benefit from her knowledge of different modalities. Nicole is an intuitive healer. I leave our sessions feeling calm, and more in tune with my body. I highly recommend Nicole as a practitioner.
— Bianca M.


Nicole is fabulous! As an acupuncturist she is professional, talented and kind. I have tried using several other acupuncture practitioners in D.C. and nobody is comparable to Nicole [...] Every time I have done acupuncture with Nicole I walk out feeling calm, relaxed, and rejuvenated. What makes Nicole special is that she is invested as a therapist and she takes the time to make each session unique and special. She is insightful and intelligent and I love that she is able to give me her perspective. I highly recommend trying an acupuncture session with Nicole [...] your mind and body will thank you!
— Reed M.


Nicole is an excellent acupuncturist with a truly healing practice. The physical space lends itself well to the deep understanding and sincere empathy that Nicole exhibits. Whether you need the healing power to deal with general malaise or a physical ailment, Nicole is right person to help put you on track to overall well being.
— Larry B.